I've been detailing cars since I was 9 or 10 years old. Walking around the neighborhood offering washes for $10. I've been an obsessed "car guy" since before I could even drive a car! As years went by, this deep passion turned into love for a flawless, pure, deep looking paint finish. It's really much beyond "detailing" which to me is hardly even close to the O.C.D I have. Some guys want a loud rumble coming from their exhaust, others need blazing speed and power they mostly cannot even manage, my heart has always been in how the car looks. It needs to be sexy, beautiful wheels and at the very least, pure paint perfection.

I am overjoyed when a client picks up their ride, and says the phrase, 
"Man, I can't even drive this thing, it's so clean!"

To me that means I turned your baby, sled, whip, beast, or whatever you call it, into sacred ground. It is my passion to do such a thing. My heart beats for how sexy a car looks.

My abilities are far reaching, well beyond the capabilities of a local "detail shop."  Not only that, but an intense understanding of the proper procedure, the technique, the tools, the towels, and an incredibly vast knowledge of what products work best, from years of experience and research.  

I am a perfectionist; I don't know that anything is ever perfect; you just keep trying to get there, never giving up. And even if you never quite get there, along the way you are forced to get better. I can't wait to shake your hand and meet you. My name is Matt and I am Matt's Dynamic Detailing.


Mac's dustless blasting

is the fastest and most cost effective surface preparation service on the market. Ideal for residential, automotive, marine, and commercial industries.

Scott - 239-273-3034

Platinum Dent Repair

is my go to source for paintless dent removal and repair. They are committed to give the superior work you deserve. They have extensive knowledge of their trade and are devoted to giving fast and courteous service.

Brad- 239-222-0344

Kendra Aceto

is an automotive photographer located in Naples Florida, specializing in motorsports. She has photographed events such as SEMA, Rolex 24 hours of Daytona, and various private events.



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